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The main apple grown on the farm is the Bramley apple, which is most commonly used for cooking. The orchards are well maintained throughout the year so that the Bramleys we produce are of the highest quality and are sold on Supermarket shelves.

Some apples however do not meet Supermarket standards due their size and shape. These apples do not get wasted though and we use them in our apple juice, apple pies and apple crisps as they still have great flavour.

On the farm we also grow Red Falstaff, Golden Delicious and have recently planted Gala apple trees in the new tree wall approach to apple growing. This allows for a much high volume of apples per acre and they are also much easier to maintain.

The Red Falstaff, Golden Delicious and Gala are grown for use in our Toffee Apples and Apple Juice as we strive to be even more sustainable.

Over the next 5 to 10 years we plan to plant more apple orchards as well expanding our apple juice business.

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