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Stud Farm HistoryBill and Louisa have been at Stud Farm since 1991, continuing the fruit business started by Bill's father - Geoff Ballard. Both soft fruit and top fruit were grown here until 2004 when the decision was made to concentrate on growing apples, mainly Bramley apples and apples for the Toffee and Kandy apple production.

Jeremy Quinney, Louisa's uncle, first started to produce Toffee and Kandy apples at Oak Farm Samboune in 1980 and in 1995 encouraged Louisa to start making chocolate covered apples for Harrison Foods and then later Toffee apples as well. Since 2006 Bill and Louisa have been producing Toffee and Kandy apples for their own company 'G. William Ballard Ltd'.

Family is at the heart of Stud Farm with all four of Bill and Louisa's children having spent many summers working on the farm. Geoff Ballard (Bill and Louisa's son) has been helping manage the apple business for the last few years since leaving university thereby continuing the familiy traditions for another generation.

After a major fire in 2008 the pack house and cold rooms were rebuilt and the opportunity was taken to upgrade the Toffee and Kandy apple equipment and to install a computer controlled apple grader.

Looking to the future Bill and Louisa plan to plant new Bramley apple trees yearly with the aim to increase the orchards to 50 acres and to expand the Toffee and Kandy apple business.

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